The Hotel Cafe - February 5, 2009

February 5, 2009 - The Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles, CA

Set List:

is this called desire
limits of our love
dust (partial) >
keep me in your pocket (w/jam)
the stalker song
the last song*
weird goodbye
beautiful life

*new song!

review by Jules :)
well. god, L.A. you are quite the state with surprises. 'every time it rains' should have made an appearance! it was pouring all day...but what a great show at the hotel cafe. char mar was *on* and she sounded great. it was a great surprise to hear the new song! 'last song'...really beautiful. and then following that with 'weird goodbye' packed an emotional punch. 'stromata' (dirty river version!) continues to kick ass...the vocals on it are insane. it once again made me think that i may like this version better. me! a synth/production lover. haha. but char on piano...thats the way i remember her, how i got into her music. so it was just a big reminder of why i love her and her music. anyway. it was a great show...the meet and greet was such a great opportunity to reconnect with the west coast char mar peeps. such a great bunch that comes out for char...thanks jon, cristina, jaimie, jess, christina (merch!), briel, jessica l., jim, sam, abraham, randy and heidi from iowa, joy, probably missing some folks. thanks for making it a great evening. of course, thanks to char for these shows...whetting our appetites for more! i have to say....i love LA. thanks all.

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Charlotte Martin - The Hotel Cafe -Los Angeles, CA - 2/5/09
photos by jules

by jules for

limits of our love

dust / stromata