The Never Say Never Tour - Fall 2007 [Charlotte Martin/Ken Andrews w/ First Wave Hello]

September 26, 2007 - The Parish - House of Blues - New Orleans, LA

Set List:

i am stretched on your grave
lost and found
obstacle 1
limits of our love
lost in space
keep me in your pocket
cut the cord

encore: 'the nurse who loved me' with ken andrews

Charlotte Martin - The Parish - House of Blues - New Orleans, LA - 9/26/07
review by jules

hi all!

greetings from new orleans. we had such a great time here last time char was here back in 05 that we wanted to come back. what an beautiful city. still. today was the first day of a stretch of shows im doing in support of charlotte, ken and the Never Say Never Tour...and if tonite's show at the House of Blues - The Parish is any indication, everyone that sees this tour will get their faces rocked off. in a great way. all the people in front of our line were there for char. many seeing charlotte for the first time which is great to hear.

the new cover songs sound AMAZING live. AMAZING. charlotte sounds really strong as she finds her grasp of each of these complicated and different songs. 'angel' powerful. it just looks so intense, like it hurts to sing it just because you can see/hear all she puts into the live performance. 'i am stretched on your grave' sounds great with fern on many changes in the vocals, the highs and lows that char hits, is awesome to see. after hearing that 'obstacle 1' was the interpol song char covered, i knew i wanted to see/hear her perform it live...WOW. the interpol song is such a great song but char's version is very cool and she makes that song her own with her arrangements. it's sooooooo goooood. another treat was 'chocolate'...fern on percussion makes the song so amazing. then, char said she was pulling out something special for new orleans so she played 'lost in space' (which is on the dvd) and it sounded very beautiful. LOVED it. what a great show!!!!! ahh....char came out after ken's set to play a duet to 'the nurse who loved me.' just ken on guitar and char on was sooooo good. everyone sang along to the song it was great.

the meet and greet was after ken's set so they both sat out ther and signed yay. i got to pick up 'Reproductions' and a tour t! 'Reproductions' is an amazing collection of songs and resonates with meaning via each song. im listening to the CD as i type this and it is dark yet very beautiful. charlotte's voice continues to amaze me with each show. i cant wait for the next one.

Charlotte Martin - The Parish - House of Blues - New Orleans, LA - 9/26/07
photos by jules

Charlotte Martin - The Parish - House of Blues - New Orleans, LA - 9/26/07
videos by jules

'Obstacle 1'

'I Am Stretched On Your Grave'