Stromata Tour - Fall 2006

October 14, 2006 - Vaudeville Mews - Des Moines, IA

Set List:

little universe
we're all in this together (ben lee cover...w/ some made up tour-related lyrics)
cut the cord
girl i left behind
under the gravel skies
limits of our love

---solo section---
in parentheses
darkest hour

---drummer returns---
keep me in your pocket
last day on earth
every time it rains
four walls (funeral version)

Charlotte Martin - Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines IA - 10/14/06
review by jules

Des Moines, IA...Char plays the Vaudeville Mews. what a fun fun fun show! when my friend, larry and i got there, the club had another event going was a bit scary. but when it was time for char, and there were lights on, lol, it was ok. i saw so many people that i had met at other shows and met lots of cool new fans. char announced that it was only her second time in Iowa, as she had opened for howie day in 2003 there. it was a nice crowd! there were a couple of technical difficulties which always seems to lead to hilarious things coming out of char's mouth while mitch comes on to fix the problem. the crowd got a dose of char doing a nearly dead-on impression of gretchen from 'mean girls.' lol. she's quoted that movie before but...this was a nice long impression. brava! but there was music to be enjoyed...and the evening was off to a realllly fun start...

i think she may have changed the set around a bit, added a song, here...she was kinda going by what the crowd was sceaming out and so she played 'keep me in your pocket' because a guy (let's call him huckleberry finn! :) ) in the audience was screaming it out. and he said he would dance if she would play it b/c he loves that song. she said she would, if he would get up on stage and dance while she played it. she was serious and walked around to the front of the stage to encourage him. wow. he was reluctant but he was with his gal and some friends and they would not let him reneg. lol so up he went. on stage. and shimmied as char played and everyone clapped along. it was unreal! lol but fun and funny and everyone had a great time...char was laughing, mitch was onstage at one point in the back, fern looked amused, lol. it made the evening that much more memorable. he was great! ah peer pressure. what else? char speak was about a 10 on the funny bone meter. she took a fast food survey at one point. it was just a unique and fun show. the music! she sounded great...highlights for me were 'girl i left behind' with fern on drums sounds awesome. in parentheses was amped up with really dark sounding synth. darkest hour blew my mind as did limits. last day on earth...i think should be rerecorded or remixed w/ what she's doing now because it sounds soooo gooood.

longish review! it was so great to hang with larry and berry and chrissie and meet a few first time show-ers! brittney (and her grandma )... loni and tim. just good people who were so enthused about their first show and were not disappointed in the least! lots of merch buying. nice to see tara and huck again and of course, randy and heidi...thank you for the shirt again. wow. amazing! mr. iowa. yay. it was a late show (char was on at 11PM), didnt get out until 2am. yay! a fun show! welcome des moines,'ve been CHARRED!

thanks to everyone that was at that show for making it memorable. :)

Charlotte Martin - Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines IA - 10/14/06
photos by jules