Stromata Tour - Fall 2006

October 26, 2006 - Webster Underground - Hartford, CT

Set List:

little universe
cut the cord
under the gravel skies
limits of our love -->running up that hill --> all is full of love (<3)

---solo section---
tough -->
many rivers
cardboard ladders
four walls {solo}

---drummer returns---
crimson sky
the dance

Charlotte Martin - Webster Underground, Hartford CT - 10/26/06
review by jules

hartford, ct! a quirky and fun char show at the webster underground! quirky because char's onstage chatting and banter is...priceless. moreso on this tour than any other i've seen! :p think uncomfortable things x 100. love it!

onto the songs...a really great setlist! i adore limits of our love...and tonite it was like i heard every version of it and it was AMAZING. may be one of my favorite live limits. i was blown was like limits had gone full circle. limits -> running up that hill -> all is full of love. still wrapping my head around how great that sounded.

tough -> many rivers made me wanna cry...beautiful. she prefaced tough by talking about how so many have connected with Stromata and how many people/fans she has spoken to on this tour have been having a hard year. so she played tough and it was perfect. x

four walls acoustic version made a reappearance tonite and it sounded soooo good.

lightblinde was kick-butt surprise. and apparently fern just learned this at sound check? lol. very very amazing.

hartford is always such a wild and wonderful show. we almost didnt make it thanks to the draw of the Cracker Barrel. but what a fun show. thank you to char, fern, erin and mitch for bringing another memorable evening to hartford, ct.

p.s. i just want to buy Webster Underground some white light bulbs...just some light bulbs. :)

Charlotte Martin - Webster Underground, Hartford CT - 10/26/06
photos by jules