Stromata Tour - Fall 2006

October 29, 2006 - Union Hall - Brooklyn, NY

Set List:

little universe
cut the cord
keep me in your pocket
last day on earth
limits of our love

---solo section---
in parentheses
parade on

---drummer returns---
crimson sky
the dance
madman ('i saved this for Brooklyn!' - char)
girl i left behind
chasing a shadow

four walls (funeral version)

Charlotte Martin - Union Hall, Brooklyn NY - 10/29/06
review by jules

the energized, crazy fun char mar show in Brooklyn NY at Union Hall. bar, lounge and in door boce court upstairs, rockin litttle music venue downstairs. the place was a bit small BUT better for all the bodies to be packed together at a char mar show. it was a cool little place and the show tonite was PUMPED UP. some of us decided to celebrate Halloween and Char's we dressed up; angels. zombies. goddesses...and char, erin, mitch, and fern. ;) the crowd was INSANE for char, just loud and fun and ready to show some love. and char was just INTENSE and feeding off the energy of the crowd. it was just bouncing back and forth between char and the crowd...this stromata. people sang along, danced and basically rocked out at this show. the energy in the room could have lit New York City.

it was a different p.o.v. for me because i stayed towards the middle/back and just enjoyed the show from there...not too many pics taken by me just because. but. i had a great time with my friends! every single one of those songs had a great energy tonite. even moreso. 'pocket' was fun, the clapping started w/o prompting and that jam at the end continues to be awesome. i love it. then last day and limits back to back? OMG. and limits was out of control amazing...dancing and singing from everyone. how can you not? and at the end of limits, char did the 'into the night, yeah' riff into 'all is full of love.' UNBELIEVABLE. great solo set...tough breaks your heart. and she whipped out 'madman' with fern on drums tonite. amazing! she said she saved it for brooklyn. yay. this show is now in my top 5 char mar shows. it was char (intense, fun, charming and just having taking in the crowd), fun, it was a packed room and just everyone having a good time. char was celebrating her birthday and we all serenaded Char: 'Happy Birthday, Charlotte!' yay.

what a great evening. it always seems to go so fast...what an amazing char mar show. it was pure magic and love. thanks to everyone that was there that was ready to have fun and just experience the best example of stromata. ahh. what a great tour.

thanks to char, erin, mitch and fern for a great show...i have no voice and i feel completely energized! i'll be going to work in 5 hours with the memories of one of the best char mar shows ever on repeat.

Charlotte Martin - Union Hall, Brooklyn NY - 10/29/06
photos by mike (thank you, mike! :)

Charlotte Martin - Union Hall, Brooklyn NY - 10/29/06
photos by jules