Stromata Tour - Fall 2006

December 2, 2006 - Knitting Factory - Hollywood, CA
Charlotte Martin & Friends: Benefit for Save Darfur

Set List:

little universe [w/ fern (drums)]
cut the cord [w/ fern (drums)]
civilized [(w/ fern (drums), tommy walter (bass), ken andrews (guitar)]
under the gravel skies [(w/ fern, tommy (bass), ken andrews (bass), terami hirsch (backing vocal), justin meldal-johnsen (guitar)]
keep me in your pocket [(w/ fern (drums, terami hirsch (backing vocals)]
silver honey [w/ fern (drums)]

[char solo]
o holy night

limits of our love [fern (drums), justin meldal-johnsen (bass)]
steel [fern (drums), justin meldal-johsen (bass), ken andrews (guitar)]
something like a hero [fern (drums), billy hawn (percussion), justin (bass), beth katte (backing vocals)
veins [fern (drums), tommy (bass), beth (backing vocals)]
the dance [fern (drums), beth (backing vocals)]
pills [paul kim (cello)]
parade on [tommy (french horn!)]
redeemed [fern (drums), billy (percussion)]
madman [fern (drums), billy (percussion), tommy (bass)]
stromata [fern (drums), tommy (bass)] - and vocal!


every time it rains [fern (drums), tommy (bass), paul (cello), beth (backing vocals)]
four walls *funeral version [fern (drums)]

Charlotte Martin and Friends - Knitting Factory - Hollywood, CA - 12/2/06
review by jules

hello from sunny CA! charlotte martin & friends to benefit save darfur...the knitting factory, los angeles. wow...that may have been the best show ive seen. its always hard to decide this because char always outdoes herself. every show. but this show, she outdid herself with some really awesome co-stars! she recreated and outdid the songs on her albums with some special, very talented guest musicians. it was amazing to see the collaboration on stage and making her songs REALLLY come to life with some of the people that helped made those awesome songs happen.

i mean, at one point there were six people on stage! it was GREAT! just a real amazing rock show for a great cause, which char talked about during the show. the show starts off with char and fern. there was such an excitement all around...a really enthusiastic and rocking crowd from where i was standing. even 2 little kids, undoubtedly new char fans, sitting on the front speakers were rocking out. lol. it was AMAZING. civilized with live guitar and bass. that was just a taste...because under the gravel skies with 2 bass guitars (i love bass guitar) courtesy of ken andrews and tommy walter, backing vocals by terami hirsch and jmj on addition to char and fern was UNBELIEVABLE. they played the jam out ending and i could have listened to that all night. just that one song. but thank goodness there was more goodness. keep me in your pocket was a clap/sing along. it was nice and loud. and dancey. an amazing surprise and something rarely heard...silver honey! all that voice and piano coming out of her...always amazes me. and fern on drums just rocks that song out. the solo part was holiday themed and beautiful. snowflake just melts you. so beautiful. and o holy night was gorgeous. and to hear limits of our love with live drum and bass with char. that nearly blew my mind. it sounded bigger than ever. dare ya not to dance! another HUGE highlight was something like a hero...ok. a great song on its own but to have the song done live the way it was supposed to be (i believe char said she’s been waiting for years to bring that out the way she did last nite!)...with the backing vocals and ALL THAT DRUM/PERCUSSION. fern and billy played the heck out of those drums last nite and the way you hear it on the album? it was that x1000. another part i could listen to over and over. it was INSANE. the drums on redeemed and madman were amazing as well. wow. then stromata was awesome, with some singing along action. it was intense. everyone was. char, all the musicians, the audience. i could go through each song and but it was just an amazing night. lots of excitement in the room. and it all came together beautifully. char sounded amazing and she had all these talented people around her to bring her songs to life. kinda what the whole evening was about. my mind was blown last nite. it was wonderful to have so many familiar faces and my friends all around. and it was great to just hang out with everyone. all my energy i saved was for the show and then afterwards...well, i lost my voice and blew out my throat (which was already kinda sore). but it was all worth it! there will always be sore throats to mend but there was only one last nite. and it was perfection!

thank you to everyone involved in making that nite happen: erin, lisa, mitch, fern, all the musicians that rocked it out and gave their time, all the peeps in the audience (a broad spectrum of states were represented! NY, NB, IL, CA, IA OH, the top of my head...yay, so great to see everyone!) and of course, char. always outdoing herself and making every show worthwhile, amazing and unforgettable. that’s just what she does. char and fern started the show together with little universe...and ended the show together with four was the perfect end to an amazing Stromata year.

that nite i was surrounded by my friends, and the music i love from an artist that plays the soundtrack to my life in many was pretty perfect. thanks to all that made that night happen. :)

Charlotte Martin and Friends - Knitting Factory - Hollywood, CA - 12/2/06
photos by jules