Stromata Tour - Fall 2006

September 14, 2006 - Varsity Theater - Minneapolis, MN

Set List:

little universe
cut the cord
chasing a shadow
limits of our love

---solo section---
a hopeless attempt
cardboard ladders

---drummer returns---
crimson sky
the dance
four walls (funeral version)

Charlotte Martin - Varsity Theater - 9/14/06
reviewby jules

hello from minneapolis, mn. charlotte played the Varsity Theater tonite in Minneapolis. what a gorgeous theater/venue. so chilled out and cool. tonite was the first nite of seeing char on this Stromata tour. i had heard it was quite the rock show and how amazing all the new songs sound and the great new drummer. but nothing compares to hearing it all yourself.

i was blown away tonite. not even just saying that.

the show starts off with some great lead in music. i think i heard some massive attack. yeah. it's that intense a show. char started out with little universe...i LOVE this song off 'stromata' and the electrobeat of it all...and it's AWESOME live. such an intense show! emotional. it was so beautiful on that stage with the AMAZING lighting at the Varsity. char looked beautiful and fernando was cooool...and i love the 'stromata' lights. it actually looks like stroma, great effect. it was a REAL ROCK SHOW and i felt like jumping out of my seat a few times. lol. the songs on stromata are even better live (if that's possible), seeing char perform again, that intensity is all there x1000...what a huge rush. it was a very respectful crowd but there was this enthusiasm there and big applause after each song. every place you could sit was taken. a good crowd. chasing a shadow with the live drums. awesome. and then she played 'limits of our love' ...and wow...with the drums? it was like the studio version and loud and danceable and intense! i've never heard limits played this way...the way it was made. lol i must have had my mouth open because i was very 'oh my god' when i heard it. yay!!

the solo part of the show...heartbreaking and beautiful and showcases char's chops. her voice tonite was pretty pitch perfect. her instrument. her voice. she decided to play 'habit' which she had never played intense. she was near tears, i think the crowd was just amazed and so moved by this song. i loved it. a real highlight because of HOW char sings it. it comes from the heart and the guts. another highlight was the dance...amazing live. amazing. again, the drums on stage are a great addition. she ended the show with four walls (funeral version)...a definite highlight because i love this song and this version of the song. it's just so much more intense iwth the drums and the beats...loved it. that last note that char hit and held?! good god. it came from her toes all the way up through her body and out of her mouth. it just filled the room. what an amazing show. amazing!! so intense and emotional...and char, during the middle of this show, brought light to how special this moment, this show, with everyone that helped put the show the show is not just her but her and the audience...very touching, genuine moment.

there wont be another moment like that...what a show for char and everyone there. such an inspiring artist/ much love and respect in that room.

there's so much more i want to say. i want to just say 'hi' and thank all the fans there that i got to chat with. anticubital and mrs. anticubital ...yay. davi. mark and his lady. tara and her friend morgan. i also hope that 2 new char fans as of this evening get to the show tomorrow. so many people were blown away tonite...both old fans and new. thank you to char, fernando who rocks, erin...everyone. yay. what a great new beginning!

Charlotte Martin - Varsity Theater - 9/14/06
photos by jules

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