Stromata Tour - Fall 2006

September 15, 2006 - Warehouse Nightclub - La Crosse, WI

Set List:

little universe
cut the cord
keep me in your pocket
under the gravel skies

---solo section---
darkest hour
just before dawn

---drummer returns---
on your shore

Charlotte Martin - Warehouse Nightclub - 9/15/06
review by jules

hello from lacrosse, wi! lacrosse, wi. :) a small town but it was very busy when we got here. the warehouse nightclub was a cool venue. very much a rock club. apparently nine inch nails played there in 1994! the set up was a big room w/ a main stage. a loud kind of room but still good.

there wasnt a big crowd tonite but they were very enthusiastic. people that were sitting moved closer to the front and boom! instant audience, lol. char reallllly turned it up tonite, i thought.

i should preface everything with 'the drums and fernando are amazing and added so much to the song and the show! fabulous drummer!.' i love little universe...just starts out the show perfectly. civilized and cut the cord are amazing live, with the big drums and char dancing around. her not sitting for the entire show, she is just a huge bundle of energy up there! yay. keep me in your pocket was a highlight as was drip (i LOVED it!! was looking forward to hearing this one!) under the gravel skies and darkest hour was an amazing surprise and she rearranged them...synthed them up. soooo amazing. just before dawn...WOW. it's mindblowing what char can do with her voice. she got big applause for this one. on your shore with the drums...awesome! but i think the one big highlight for me (ok, in addition to hearing drip) was 'apology'....i love this song. and i LOVE that she played it and it sounded really intense and emotional and char put everything into it. it was a really great show and she had a nice line of people to see her. i think she won over lots of peeps tonite.

the promotion was pretty cool for this show. we walked around the area a bit and there was a HUGE HUGE HUGE poster of char in the venue, on the door and at the store next to the additon to a cd/record store nearby. they were photos from the site by erin and they were just blown up. i took some photos of that and the show.

but char...this tour? is THE best tour yet. not kidding. stromata is such an exciting cd. and hearing these songs live, char belting out and turning the volume wayyy up with the synths and the drums. so so amazing!

Charlotte Martin - Warehouse Nightclub - 9/15/06
photos by jules

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