Stromata Tour - Fall 2006

September 16, 2006 - The Canopy Club - Urbana, IL

Set List:

little universe
cut the cord
crimson sky
limits of our love

---solo section---
empty wells
your armor (for her dad)

---drummer returns---
the dance
four walls (funeral version)

something like a hero

Charlotte Martin - The Canopy Club - 9/16/06
review by jules

greetings from urbana, il! :) char played the Canopy Club tonite in this very college town. Go Illini! (right? ) a large venue that holds 1000 people, it was a cool place to see a rock show. which is what Char is doing now (i love it). got to meet allie, her friend, and ross and friend who travelled from vegas! also great to see kerry, farrah, eric and val again.

it was a reallly great show despite a few inescapable technical glitches which were quickly remedied by char and fernanado. the crowd was excited and char did not disppoint. 'little universe' is still my fave song (next to drip) on stromata and it starts off the show wonderfully. civilized is so good live. something else was supposed to be played but char played 'veins' with live drums. eee! cut the cord just rocks live. it's a much more high energy, intense show and char is jumping around, standing the entire show and working those keyboards. amazing. we got to hear 'crimson sky' (for the first time this tour?) which was beautiful. char's cool and lovely parents were here for the show and char played 'your armor' for her dad b/c he likes it. the show was so much fun. lots of improving and i did not think she would do an encore but she did: stromata and then, a great surprise with 'something like a hero'...the drums. thanks fernando for that! wow. char found the right guy. part of the family now, . he totally rocked the last part of hero...and it was a great version of an old favorite.

took lots of photos and will post in this thread when i get a chance after the chicago show, hopefully! thanks to char, fern, erin and mitch for putting a great show and just rocking the place.

Charlotte Martin - The Canopy Club - 9/16/06
photos by jules

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