Stromata Tour - Fall 2006

September 17, 2006 - Schubas - Chicago, IL

Set List:

little universe
cut the cord
under the gravel skies
limits of our love

---solo section---
just before dawn
cardboard ladders (remember that i love you...)

---drummer returns---
chasing a shadow
the dance
four walls (funeral version)

every time it rains

Charlotte Martin - Schubas - 9/17/06
review by jules

hello all. char played Schuba's Tavern in Chicago and it was THE BEST show i've seen so far of this tour...or probably any of the tours. it was such an intense show in every way. the energy was amazing. the crowd was nuts for char and char put on one of the best performances i've seen from her. she had on a black dress, a thick black leather belt, and her hair was up. she was ready for business.

this was a ROCK SHOW. char had tons of energy, and fernando on the drums just made it that much more intense. thank goodness they moved out the chairs in this venue b/c this show was meant to be danced to. some songs from OYS came out and sounded even more amazing with the drums. little universe seems to be the starter for the show which is perfect as it follows the beat of the song char comes on stage to ('inertia creeps' by massive attack. yess). i love little universe. but the def. tour highlight is what char and fernando do to 'limits of our love.' it's intense. the energy in this song live with a live drummer is out of control. it is probably my favorite char song and i love it on this tour. during the char solo part tonite, 'cardboard ladders' stood out because it was so...emotional. the lighting on her during this show was very cool. during cardboard ladders, where char sings/whispers 'remember that i love you' over and over, the lights sort of fade out. yeah. char came back for an encore of 2 songs and it was a great surprise to hear 'every time it rains' sounds amazing, with char's intensity of the evening and how emotional a show it was because there was soooo much love in that room for char. each song, the crowd literally went nuts. i love that. it's how it always should be!

schubas was packed! and it was a great show. long line for the meet and greet. so great to hang out with berry, christie, noah, marco (who made it, luggage and all! yay!), larry, joe...great to see davi, justin and meet some new peeps like tim and his friend nathan, who i'd seen at other chicago shows. getting connected is what it's all about....that's what charlotte's music does. it was such a great show.

'every time it rains. i know it's good to be alive...'

it was raining in chicago that day...but schubas was kickin' because char was there, doing the show of songs that clearly were close to her heart...thank you char. and to erin. and fernando for being such a sweet guy and talking to everyone after the show. and to mitch!

what an amazing tour. and it's just the beginning! more to come. thanks all.

Charlotte Martin - Schubas - 9/17/06
photos by jules

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