Stromata Tour - Fall 2006

September 21, 2006 - Jammin Java - Vienna, VA

Set List:

little universe
cut the cord
limits of our love
under the gravel skies

---solo section---
cardboard ladders

---drummer returns---
crimson sky
the dance
every time it rains
four walls (funeral version)


Charlotte Martin - Jammin Java - 9/21/06
photos by jules

hello! just got back from vienna, va with marco and noah and what a great show...DC...Vienna, VA. Jammin Java. it was a ROCK show. like, it's getting more and more like a ROCK show. :) the way it's supposed to be i think. the place was reallllly full. and the stage is a little different now there b/c it looks like they elevated it. which is coool. and unlike the other times she's played there as a headliner, it was STAND UP and dance show. yessss. i prefer standing actually. just more fun. anyway...char was awesome as usual and fernando...those drums? amazing. it was a nice loud show. i was standing right near the drums. loved it. so much energy and excitement and it was all coming from char and her reaction to the crowd. have i said how symbiotic it all is?

char was wearing black slacks, her black thong flip flops with slight heel and a cool white 'muscle' shirt that said 'Tokyo' on it with some graphics. again, ready for business! lots of stand out songs tonite but the whole just FUN. INTENSE. EMOTIONAL. AMAZING.

little universe continues to be the perfect opening number for this tour. one of my favorite songs off 'Stromata.' like immediately a favorite. :) it just flows perfectly and says a lot about what is to come. cut the cord...dare you not to move to this song with the drums and char bopping around. limits of our love is my favorite. with the drums. each time, i just look forward to it and hope that it's played because it just gets people moving with the driving beat of the drums and the intensity char plays it. under the gravel skies is amazing with drums. the extended outro is particularly amazing with the synth and the drums. yesss. habit tonite was...mindblowing. it's alll in the way char sings it with so much heartbreaking emotion and intensity...showing again her instrument is really her voice. the encore was veins and that is always just...signature, where it all kinda begins...again.

i loved this show! they're getting more intense i up: hoboken. :)

Charlotte Martin - Jammin Java - 9/21/06
photos by jules

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