Stromata Tour - Fall 2006

September 22, 2006 - Maxwell's - Hoboken, NJ

Set List:

little universe
cut the cord
chasing a shadow
limits of our love

---solo section---
empty wells
many rivers

---drummer returns---
under the gravel skies
keep me in your pocket
something like a hero
four walls (funeral version)

Charlotte Martin - Maxwell's - 9/22/06
review by jules

Maxwells is such a rock club. sure, there's a cool laid back restaurant outside and i have yet to try what is rumored to be the most amazing macaroni and cheese. but char was playing tonite...and i fully expected her to rock out. and she did. big time. the show was intense, i was intense, the audience was intense. char had a fire in her tonite as well. (see pictures). it was a good show...highlights for me were little universe, chasing a shadow, haunted, limits of our love (that song heals!), apology (yeah), under the gravel skies and something like a hero (with it was wonderful to see my friends again, so many familiar faces. charlotte didnt do a signing tonite because of another act coming on after her and the time constraint but she gave it all on that stage...she's just awesome.

Charlotte Martin - Maxwell's - 9/22/06
photos by jules

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