Stromata Tour - Fall 2006

September 23, 2006 - World Cafe Live - Philadelphia, PA

Set List:

little universe
cut the cord
limits of our love

---solo section---
just before dawn
hopeless attempt

---drummer returns---
crimson sky
under the gravel skies
every time it rains
the dance
four walls


Charlotte Martin - World Cafe Live - 9/23/06
review by jules

hellllooo. charlotte martin. world cafe live in philadelphia. holy cow. one of the best shows i've seen her do. seriously. it was such a great venue first of all. very classy. sit down place with dinner served before the show. let me say, some great food here. we got here early and had dinner and were just energized to rock out. great travelling with dana, jess, lena, carole, noah and marco. and awesome to see alicia, katie, jilly, lauren, lauren, lauren, jenna, laura, ryan, walter, ruthie...and to meet jerry and trish. yay. lots of peeps there, pretty darn full and that place is BIG. such an amazing show. char looked amazing, all in black, kinda dressy slacks (she said it was a leotard, lol). fernando was wearing a black shirt with a sargeant patch on it. looked very military. it was the char army on that stage and it was bad-ass cool.

char had tremendous energy and intensity on this one. she was ready. the audience was ready. she was driven and thriving off the energy from the crowd. for a seated venue, the crowd was lots of fun and super-suppportive. yay char fans!

she played for a good long time. the intensity of 'little universe' was just palpable...and that song continues to set the stage for the show. then it was civilized...ah civilized. loving it more. cut the cord is just an ass-shaker. i love drip and hope she plays it more. it's such a great song! limits of our i love it so much and fernando just adds to it. amazing amazing. char shows that her voice is her real instrument with 'just before dawn'...what an incredible voice. she sounded freakin awesome, and in that particular venue, it was unbelievable. lots of power. in her solo section, i ADORED habit. that was the highlight of the solo part for me...because she breaks your heart. like obliterates it with the way she sings the song. her eyes were teary with that one. the hoboken show was a bit off for me but this show...completely just blew me away and it's the way it always should be. can i speak about the lighting? OMG! the lighting was wonderful at the World Cafe! it almost rivals the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis for best Char-lit show. in retrospect, it was world cafe had the best lighting for the stromata tour...i think my photos came out well, im very proud of this batch. :) but yeah. an amazing nite. AMAZING. got to meet lots of people. and there wer TONS of people waiting to see char at the meet and greet and she being the trooper that she is stayed as long as possible to see everyone...and if not stay at the table, then hug everyone at least once on line.

char continues to blow me away at these show. each one is more exciting and intense and emotional. she has a true gift of touching people via her music and who she is, how she is. what's not to love and support? thank you char for a great evening and thanks to everyone that participated in making this another great Philly show. yay. anticipation of char shows like this is one of the reasons i keep coming back for more! :D

Charlotte Martin - World Cafe Live - 9/23/06
photos by jules

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