Stromata Tour - Fall 2006

September 24, 2006 - The Knitting Factory - New York, NY

Set List:

little universe
cut the cord
chasing a shadow
limits of our love

---solo section---
just before dawn
cardboard ladders
weird goodbye

---drummer returns---
crimson sky
under the gravel skies
burn (a few lines) - cover by the cure ->
the dance
every time it rains
four walls (funeral version)


Charlotte Martin - Knitting Factory NYC - 9/24/06
review by jules

the Knitting Factory NYC...charlotte gave one of the best shows i've seen. i know i said that like two or three times but this one. well, each one is different in what made it amazing. this one was pure...stromata. like stromata personified in a way, i think. just because the crowd was loud and loving char. and i think char felt it and the crowd felt it. i mean, after each song the applause and screams were much support. lots of familiar faces there, good friends. so much awesome energy from everyone and char seemed to just feed off that and was visibly blown away by the crowd and the show she was playing. it was a perfect show to me. nyc. char. and all the love in that standing room venue and all those bodies pushed, closely packed together. amazing. amazing.

it was a great show, a long one...maybe an hour and 45 min. it was such a HUGE rush of show. char just rocked everyone. and no one wanted to leave. this is the way it should always be! lots of love all around...everyone just having a great time. little universe...great intro song! civilized im loving live. chasing a shadow with the drums is awesome. fern is awesome. limits of our love, STILL my favorite song and it rocks now bigtime. quite the crowd pleaser. she played weird goodbye which was heartbreaking and amazing. i love under the gravel skies (she also said it was ken's fave song) and the last part with just char on synth/keyboard and fern on it. the four walls funeral version continues to be an awesome closer. and veins as an encore with the intro by fernando...yessssss. i loved everything about the show. char def. but the interaction of the crowd, standing so close together, dancing. everyone having a great time and giving major props to char. it was great. what a great way to end the east coast run of the Stromata Tour.

congrats to char and everyone in her army for such a great run of shows and safe travels to them as they had west. yay. i have fotos that actually came out because the lighting was reallly great there this time. thanks to everyone there...such a great evening!

Charlotte Martin - Knitting Factory NYC - 9/24/06
photos by mike from nyc :)

Charlotte Martin - Knitting Factory NYC - 9/24/06
photos by jules