Stromata Tour - Fall 2006

September 24, 2006 - Borders Books -In Store Performance/Signing - New York, NY

Set List:

keep me in your pocket

Charlotte Martin - Borders Books Instore Performance/Signing - NYC - 9/24/06
review by jules

finally! NYC! im so partial to nyc and char shows here. any one. its home. :) the fact that there was an instore performance plus a show at nite? bonus. bonus. bonus. i love seeing the char love hit nyc and just a whole lot of familiar faces and friends. always an amazing time...

so char played borders books on 32nd street and 2nd avenue. they had her set up on the downstairs level and it was nice and cozy...was it about 30 people? that showed up and sat down to watch the show plus random folks that were in the store that wandered over to watch.

so wonderful to see so many peeps there. it was fun to just hang out. char signed and did a meet/greet and she hit everyone. lots of hugs, lots of smiles. old faces returning, new faces that come back. lots of fun and a great precursor to what turned out to be an AMAZING MIND BLOWING show at the Knitting Factory that nite...

Charlotte Martin - Borders Books Instore Performance/Signing - NYC - 9/24/06
photos by jules

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