Stromata Tour - Fall 2006

September 29, 2006 - Big Fish Pub - Tempe, AZ

Set List:

little universe
cut the cord
chasing a shadow
under the gravel skies
limits of our love

---solo section---
darkest hour

---drummer returns---
keep me in your pocket
something like a hero
four walls (funeral version)

Charlotte Martin - Big Fish, Tempe AZ - 9/29/06
review by jules

ive never been to tempe, az so this show was a great reason to visit. :) the big fish pub was a dark club but it was most definitely a rock club. a big open space for standing room rocking. and charlotte put on a rock show. most definitely. decked out in a black tank top and black cargos, she was ready to go. the energy she has...its amazing. the tour has been intense, emotional and so...huge. and its almost the end of the first part. she went west to east and back. amazing. char is amazing. but...what i'd like to talk about a bit is fernando sanchez and what an amazing drummer he is. he adds so much to the excitement of the show...the live drums are awesome and a great choice by char. her music is percussive in many ways and fern fits. perfectly. he's also a great guy and super easy to chat welcome to fern! i noticed during this show that there was a little girl near his drums and he can hit those drums pretty hard so it was kinda loud. during some of the loud parts, i could see him aware of the girl and he would warn her if he was gonna hit the drums hard (aka loud) by putting his fingers to his the girl could do the same. :D it was cute and so nice of him. but i love that he hits those drums hard because its a whole new kind of char show. and i love it. its great to see the familiar faces (hi xavier! xo) again and meet some new peeps (hi tim!). lots of energy at the big fish! thanks to all that were there to enjoy the fun in the desert. :D

Charlotte Martin - Big Fish, Tempe AZ - 9/29/06
photos by jules