Stromata Tour - Fall 2006

November 17, 2006 - Housing Works - New York, NY

Set List:

[charlotte solo on piano, playing 'stromata' straight through, acoustically :)]

cut the cord
little universe
a hopeless attempt
four walls
keep me in your pocket
cardboard ladders
just before dawn
the dance

Charlotte Martin - Housing Works, New York NY - 11/17/06
review by jules

This was a very special benefit show where all proceeds went to Housing Works NYC a great organization that helps New Yorkers living with HIV advocate and find fair, affordable housing. Their concert series is pretty well known and so many performers have graced the stage of the beautiful Used Book Cafe. Charlotte played the entire 'Stromata' CD...acoustically. It was pretty amazing! A great surprise because she reworked her songs in very interesting ways as she played solo with just her awesome voice and an upright Yamaha piano. It was very cool. She snapped and banged on the piano for percussion (with the help of the audience clapping along). It was a wonderful evening of music...Charlotte showed once again how inventive she is as well as how big her heart is as she focused her attention to help those with HIV.

Charlotte Martin - Housing Works, New York NY - 11/17/06
photos by jules