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a page from the notebook of jules' brain...
darkest-limits. darkest hour and limits of our love. two of my absolute favorite songs by the gifted, innately talented, unbelievably awesome charlotte martin. darkest limits. going to the depths of you and coming out just fine, stronger. there are limits to the darkest darkness. when you delve into that darkness, you will ultimately come across the light. and it makes the journey from dark to light that much more special. 'the light on the darkest me.' there is a balance. there is extreme, uncurable char-love. thus, darkest-limits.com was born. did ya get all that? ;)

I'm a huge fan of Charlotte Martin. I was unexpectedly captured by her music on October 1, 2003. She was an opener for Howie Day at Irving Plaza, NYC. I had no idea that what I was about to hear from this young artist named Charlotte Martin would change me, opening my ears and heart to something new and fulfilling. something extremely special that i found without even looking, not knowing that this was just what i needed to hear at that very moment, to help me open up personally as well as musically. What I heard was raw, unlike any artist/performer I had been interested in and admired. Her instrument, her voice, immediately impressed me and I was extremely moved by her lyrics. She was not a guy! She didn't have a guitar! She was not a guy band rocking out! (But she does rock your soul. :)) She was not the norm, my norm; she was, however, perfection and exactly what I needed to hear. She was fearless and strong...and she made me laugh and smile. Her music, performance, humor, grace, wit(and therefore, intelligence) and charm made her quite unforgettable. I had no idea that I was looking for a voice that spoke to and about me so deeply. I didn't muster up the nerve to meet her until the following night...I was supposed to be there to see Howie, but...I was really looking forward to hearing Charlotte again. :) She did not disappoint. I've found out that she never disappoints. After meeting Charlotte, finding out how genuine, open-hearted, generous, passion-souled and real she was, how much she truly appreciates her fans...well, I was hooked. Like, heart and soul. :) Her music is emotionally charged and it makes you brave, to hear those emotions and feelings and words expressed so vividly...it would make some uncomfortable but that's only because what she's saying, expressing is raw and real. Her lyrics are personal and yet universal. Her live shows are not to be missed and such a bonding experience between Charlotte, the fans, the audience, people with open ears and hearts. It's cathartic. It's symbiotic. Char deserves all the love and support that I (and her legions of devoted fans) can give her. I'm a big fan of music and the fact that she is the shining star in my music tastes makes me proud to be a Char-fan. And the fact that she is one of the most amazing people you could ever meet makes me <3 her even more.

This site is for Charlotte and for the fans that love her and want to champion a true artist, a gifted musician and a truly inspiring human being. Be there for her because she is there for you...in her music, in the darkest hour pushing the limits of our love. :)

So please join me in a Char Mar celebration! That's what this site is all about. I've wanted to do a Char site for a long time (ok, since 2003, lol) and now I feel like I can do it. I hope everyone that visits has a great time here at darkest-limits.com and gets taken back to a memory of a Char-show, gets moved by a Char picture or lyric, feels inspired to share the Char-experience and celebrate her.

Charlotte Martin will inspire you and change you for the better. It feels so natural to love, believe in and support that kind of magic to the darkest limits...for the light named Charlotte Martin.

Thanks for visiting! Got a question about anything on this site? A concern? Wanna share some of your pictures and thoughts and/or show reviews? Just wanna say 'hey'? Email me : jules[at]darkest-limits.com. Also, sign up for site updates! Send your email to me at siteupdates[at]darkest-limits.com to receive an email alerting you as to when darkest-limits.com is updated.

thank yous

This site would not have been possible were it not for the following people...

Muriel, one of my best friends and my web design/HTML guru. I knew next to nothing about web design until Muriel gave me some quick, understandable lessons. Thank you, chickie, for your support, for not giving up on me finally doing a website and for putting up with my 'ahh! i can't do this! it's not working!' freak outs. You were right, it worked. You are my Yoda of Web Design. And textures rock. ok, go back to listening to your hip/hop/punk rock. :D xo
Erin Russell, thank you for your photography and for sharing your telephoto talent...your gift. You know that gift? Where you capture the soul through the lens of your camera? You're awesome and I am so honored and grateful to have your photos grace this site. And the banner would not have been possible were it not for your beautiful photos. Thank you for everything. xo
Lisa M. Lombardo, thank you for being a great board mommy on www.charlottemartin.com and the charlotte martin message board. You keep it moving with the perfect mix of dilligence and grace. And for your always sage advice. Thank you. xo
Marco 'Snow', my Char tour bud and friend. Thanks for your company (you put the 'co' in company, lol), for having my back (literally actually, you sat behind me on the plane rides) and for being fun, enthusiastic, supportive, and just so full of life. It's a pleasure to share this Char-love experience with you. 'A la houra mas oscura tu brillas.' (i totally screwed up that translation, right? lol) 'The box. What's in it.' xo
Charlotte Martin Fans, thank you for being so open, friendly and awesome...and having great taste in music. :) I'm so happy I got to meet some of you, to Char-tour with you. I look forward to meeting more Char-fans, as well as seeing familiar faces and friends when we are out there sharing the music and the Char-tour experience...so please get to those char-shows and if I'm there, come say 'Hi!' :) You have made Char tour so much fun. You guys rock. This site is for you too. xo

Last but certainly not least...

Charlotte Martin, well duh. :) See above and all around on this site. Charlotte is an inspiration...lyrically, musically, creatively, personally. She has touched me and made me a braver person and is leading me on a journey where I am travelling, meeting and befriending some of the most awesome people ever as well as inspiring me to do, to be, to feel with passion. Thank you so much. What you have given me is something I could never fully repay, but something I will try to give back to you little by little, with everything I do on this site...and beyond! :) This is for keeps. Much love and support always...and thank you. xo

Thanks to everyone for checking out darkest-limits.com // The Definitive Charlotte Martin Fan Site. yay!