Joe's Pub - January 31, 2009

January 31, 2009 - Joe's Pub - New York, NY

7:30PM Show
Set List:

is this called desire
limits of our love
on your shore
keep me in your pocket
darkest hour
stromata (...and the dirty river version was born :)
one girl army
the stalker song

wild horses

review by Jules :)

char mar. joes pub. nyc. 1/31/09. 2 shows in 1 night.

it was incredible. it was a return of sorts. char hasnt played NYC/east since 2007. and she hasnt played joe's pub since 2005. but every time she's played at joe's, its been awesome. its a great venue...intimate, with not a bad view in the house. its just conducive to listening to music. and we were there to hear char mar once again. she was doing it all on acoustic piano the way i first heard her and while i love the direction her music has been taking, i will always love what she could do with just piano.

7:30PM show

she came out in a black print top and these tight black leather-esque pants and pointy toe, high heeled boots. she was ready to kick some NYC ass. she looks awesome. this woman had a baby ronen a few months ago! she made the songs that usually have synths and production sound INCREDIBLE on the piano. wow. she talked a fair amount between songs and the quips and witticisms that come out of this girl's mouth. lol the songs from 'orphans' sounded great...they really work on acoustic, really loved 'galaxies' and 'outerspace' she just used her voice and it soared into outerspace. i love my 'limits' i always will. she jammed it with 'keep me in your pocket'...what blew me away on this set was 'stromata'...god. just intense intense. char didnt have the virus or any percussion or anything. it was all in her voice...i wanted to record this on video. but i was just transfixed. all i wanted to do was listen. i looked around and saw that she had the whole room entranced by her voice and what she was singing. and in this set, baby ronen made an appearance...good god, he is adorable. katie has some nice photos from when he came out to say hi...and seemed to love looking at all the faces staring back at him. what a cutie! it was an amazing first set.

a short meet and greet followed between sets. yes, i was selling merch for these shows. my first time! egads! but i loved seeing everyone...i missed everyone i talked to and loved all the new people that were experiencing their first char mar shows. it was a great night...and this show was just an amazing beginning...

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Charlotte Martin - Joe's Pub: 7:30PM Show - New York, NY - 1/31/09
photos by jules

first 4 photos are behind the scenes with charlotte. exclusive to thanks to charlotte for the glimpse of how it all comes together...

by jules for

limits of our love

keep me in your pocket


the stalker song