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Charlotte Martin Photo Gallery - Screen Caps from TV Appearances & Videos

'Stromata' Video - Screen Captures
Here are some screen captures from Charlotte's latest and most visually stunning video, 'Stromata.' Awesome. :)

Charlotte on 'Current TV' network - Current Events/Earth Day Special - 4/22/06 - Screen Captures

Char introduces a couple of podcasts relevant to Earth Day such as the Jazz Festival in New Orleans as well as a segment on the Slave Labor in the Amazon.
Random Quote from Char: 'I'm Charlotte Martin. Have a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly Earth Day...and if you litter at all today, you're going to hell.' :)

'Every Time It Rains' video - Screen Captures
These are some screen captures I took from the video for 'Every Time It Rains' as well as a few of her recent television appearances. Please click on the thumbnails to expand the pic. Enjoy!

CBS Early Show - Second Cup Cafe - October 9, 2004

E! Hollywood Stories: Young Divas