Something Like A DVD Tour - Spring 2006

March 11, 2006 - Cafe Montmartre - Madison, WI

Set List:

limits of our love ->
all is full of love (bjork cover)
raven ->
talk to strangers
glassbreaker ->
every time it rains
four walls
chasing a shadow
do you realize (flaming lips cover)
on your shore
into the mystic (van morrison cover)
tear in your hand (tori amos cover...about 1/2 the song)
step back
in parentheses
mayday for the girl
wild horses

review by Jules :)
first time in madison, wisconsin! it's a cool town for the short amount of time i was here and cafe montmartre was a very cute, very cool cafe/venue. the stage was small but high up so that everyone had a great view of the performer. char played an awesome set despite a few technical glitches. mitch to the rescue to plug and unplug stuff. somehow it all worked out! :) it was nice and loud in the little cafe as only char can was a show that was full of surprises and char played with great exuberance and energy like she was shot out of a cannon...or a dark red tour van. the first six songs? were mind-numbingly amazing. those songs (see above) played consecutively...exciting stuff. i loved it. and chasing a shadow popped out...which is always intense. then some cool covers. a beautiful 'do you realize' into 'on your shore.' and to everyone's surprise, char did a bit of 'tear in your hand.' she has mentioned that it's her favorite tori amos song and she did a lovely bit of the song tori. i don't know, it seemed like tonite, it was just really fun and intense at the same time. it was a great show, with some folks there seeing char for the first time. i got a chance to chat with a couple and they were not disappointed. char just has a way of bringing her music to people that makes them very excited...her music kinda sells itself to those with open ears...but it's the whole experience. the music, the musician, the meet/greets where there are connections made that will last forever. :) forever...until the next time you see a char show!

Charlotte Martin - Cafe Montmartre - 3/11/06
photos by jules