Something Like A DVD Tour - Spring 2006

March 23, 2006 - World Cafe Live! - Philadelphia, PA

Set List:

limits of our love ->
all is full of love (bjork cover)
apology #1 (previously unreleased)
four walls
raven ->
talk to strangers
on your shore
darkest hour
chasing a shadow
girl i left behind
step back

blue monday ->

review by Jules :)
char and the world cafe live in philadelphia. this time she was playing downstairs, a much bigger venue, with a full stage...a high stage! lovely lighting here and it was just a very chill, relaxing place to see her blow us away. :) my tour buds and i have been traveling and it just never stops being fun and so worth it. if you can swing multiple shows, don't hesitate! :) and definitely go to Philly when Char plays because this town loves her lots. char was in a beautiful, light turquoise dress. she was on fire at this show. the entire show was intense, powerful and emotional mixed in with just the right amount of fun. limits into all is full continues to just revv the crowd up. other favorites were 'haunted' and 'judas'...and a lovely surprise was the first time appearance of 'apology #1.' char noted that she didn't even remember this song and had to look up her own lyrics on the UK char site, ha. but it was beautiful. four walls will never stop being awesome...but following that with raven -> talk to's a killer combo! and then 'inch' previously 'inch away from heaven' was a heartbreaker as is 'step back' ('and it goes so fast...'). 'step back' means more and more every time she played it on this tour. it came to be ABOUT tour and the connections we all made thanks to charlotte and her music and shows. awesome. another great surprise was the new order cover, 'blue monday' into 'steel.' that was great! char played for two hours. it was the longest headline show to date (thanks to richard for that info! wow). amazing. and then char closed the venue down with her meet and greet because the line was sooo long, everyone was moved to the lobby area, lol. it was great. char stayed and met every single fan there to see her. we all saw the first char tattoo, i believe! alicia l. got char-tagged. yay! lots of familiar faces and char peeps...katie, denise, alicia, ryan, theresa and her sis, walter, ruthie in addition to marco, noah and lena...just lots of love in that place for char. she gave it everything she had as always. this was the quintessential char show. <3

Charlotte Martin - World Cafe Live! - 3/23/06
photos by jules

Charlotte Martin - World Cafe Live! - 3/23/06
photos by Katie