Something Like A DVD Tour - Spring 2006

March 30, 2006 - Wesleyan University (Chapel) - Middletown, CT

Set List:

(on acoustic piano)

four walls
on your shore
under the gravel skies
something like a hero
district sleeps alone tonite (postal service cover) ->
cloudbusting (kate bush cover)
many rivers
limits of our love ->
all is full of love (bjork cover)
[a brief re-enactment of the akron show by char, as she played the part of her managers and herself from that evening, :)]
greater lights (from advent rising) ->
pretty thing -> greater lights
step back

review by Jules :)
awesome show. really beautiful...maybe it was because it was in this lovely chapel, maybe it was because it was just an emotional evening as char played on an acoustic piano...and the songs and the lyrics just hit ya right in your soul. but it was just a wonderful evening at Wesleyan U. props to Lena too for helping to bring Char to Wesleyan (and another east coast show! ) lots of surprises in the set. i mean, all these songs just on the piano...was pretty amazing. and char sounded reallllly good as she warmed up with each song. loved hearing the four walls piano version again and her cover of district sleeps into cloudbusting was nothing short of AWESOME. what a combo! snowflake dedicated to a very special person was gorgeous. and then hearing limits into all is full without the loops in such....loved it. greater lights was a great choice to play in the chapel, and char worked it! it was a great turn out. it was so quiet and respectful in that chapel, it was great...char had everyone's attention as it should be. a really wonderful show!

Charlotte Martin - Wesleyan University - 3/30/06
photos by jules