Something Like A DVD Tour - Spring 2006

March 31, 2006 - Maxwells - Hoboken, NJ

Set List:

limits of our love ->
all is full of love (bjork cover)
four walls
in parentheses
raven ->
talk to strangers
heliotropic (failure cover)
girl i left behind
apology #1
1979 (smashing pumpkins cover) ->
one girl army

review by Jules :)
hoboken! maxwell's is a cool venue and char always has a rock-star worthy show here. tonite was no different! the crowd was ready to go, very supportive of char. lots and lots of lovely, familiar faces and friends there. i loved it. i love what she played and the energy char had and the energy that was flying around that was cool. char sounded sooooo good. as marco said, her voice is baaaackk. wow. she misses her hubby and played heliotropic...i loved it! never heard it before so it was a treat. another awesome surprise? char covering 1979! and flowing into one girl army. it was great. char belted and wailed and it was amazing. yeah. she's feeling lots better! great show and so great to see everyone out there! there were lots of people lined up to see char...but they were setting up for another show so the line was moved outside and char stood out there until everyone that was there to see her got to see her and got to have some connection and/or merch signed. it was so funnnn! and great to see. tonite, hoboken was rocked by one charlotte martin...and it was amazing.

Charlotte Martin - Maxwells - 3/31/06
photos by jules