Something Like A DVD Tour - Spring 2006

March 4, 2006 - The Neurolux - Boise, ID

Set List:

limits of our love ->
all is full of love (bjork cover) <3
four walls
raven ->
talk to strangers
swing low sweet chariot
sweet chariot (beautiful)
weird goodbye
days of the week
wild horses

review by Jules :)
hello from beautiful, surpringly-has-a-music-scene-&-nightlife Boise, ID. :) it was my first show of this tour and suffice to say, i was blown away by what i heard. it was AMAZING. it was me, noah, and marco together again so that is always fun. and happymelody and her friend nate were there from the seattle show so it was lovely to meet them! the neurolux is apparently THE place to play in Boise. it's a cool, smokey room and by the time char came on, the place was REALLY FULL. it was great to see. with each song she played, people seemed to move closer from the bar area to the stage! and char was just...outta control! and with char, that always makes for a one of a kind show. char belted and it was awesome. it was really good sound considering it was a kinda loud room. but it was an AMAZING show. has to be one of the best i've seen. all the OYS songs are reworked, all korged and virused up and they sound...EVEN BETTER. i mean, i love OYS, but it's like all the songs are updated and it just sounds more...exciting. and it grabs the attention of the audience totally. now you mix that electronic sound with char's amazing voice and you've got new fans and people just transfixed and yelling along WITH char. the new limits our our love just BLEW ME AWAY. soooo awesome, almost darker but still holding the positive essence of the song. and all is full of love intermingling with limits...outstanding! it was a raucous and fun show! i'll be sure to post some pics when i get home tomorrow (it was a bit dark in there but some pics must have come out, ). thank you char and her crew for a great show...this tour is already so amazing to me and i've only seen this one show. i cannot wait for more...cannot wait.

Charlotte Martin - The Neurolux - 3/4/06
photos by jules