Something Like A DVD Tour - Spring 2006

March 7, 2006 - Christ Community Church - Omaha, NE

Set List:

limits of our love ->
all is full of love
under the gravel skies
four walls
swing low/sweet chariot
in parentheses
darkest hour
every time it rains -> it is well with my soul...
wild horses

review by Larry H. :)

Yes, that's right friends. Tonight... in Omaha... that "private show" (loosely termed) took place at my church - the Student Center at Christ Community Church to be precise. It was a wonderful, magical, awe inspiring performance (as usual). And the lights... oh my (ok, shameless plug since I ran them ) were brilliant. And we used fog and a... mirrorball (on 4 Walls)! woo hoo! Between 75 and 85 people showed up and all of them left converts to the Char experience. I cannot say thank you enough to Char, Erin and Mitch for making this happen. It was brilliant beyond words and over way too quickly. But the love and joy that was felt will live on and on...

Charlotte Martin - Christ Community Church - 3/7/06
photos by larry h.