Something Like A DVD Tour - Spring 2006

March 8, 2006 - Varsity Theater - Minneapolis, MN

Set List:

limits of our love
under the gravel skies
in parentheses
raven ->
talk to strangers
four walls
on your shore
up all night
i'm normal please date me
darkest hour
beautiful life
every time it rains
encore: the girl i left behind

review by jules :)

i saw char do her thing at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN. Dinkytown! i loved this venue. it's just lush...plush...beauitiful. i'm talking red velvet curtains on the walls, tables w/ 2 table cloths and a tea light candle on each table...char was wonderful tonite. like wild and fun. and there were LOTS of people in that place which was great! a very beautiful venue. char sounded great in there. in parentheses with the virus sounds awesome. low end darkness...all about that. it's great. up all night was simply beautiful. i love the looped version of raven -> talk to strangers. just powerful stuff. char looked like she was having a blast and there were lots of new fans for her to meet afterwards. can i also say that the lighting in this place was the best i've ever seen? wow, the lighting just was a great complement to her performance...all the colors they used, coming from all over the place. i took some pics (to be loaded when i get home....soon, lol). it was such a fun show and meet/greet. so great to see so many people there to see her, new faces. i talked to fans that had seen her only once during chicks tour, i talked to fans that had never seen her before but were fans. my first time in Minni and it was lots of fun! thanks to char, erin and mitch for such a great evening.

Charlotte Martin - Varsity Theater - 3/8/06
photos by jules