"Win Dinner with Charlotte Martin" to Benefit the Charleston Transitional Facility

Auction Winner, Abraham Abdullah, Shares His Dinner with Charlotte!
June 16, 2009 - Los Angeles, CA

Most Charlotte Martin fans can only imagine what it would be like to hang out and have dinner with Charlotte. We see her tremendous talent, we hear her voice on stage, how fun and warm she is during her meet and greets...who wouldn't want to hang with Char Mar? :) Abraham Abdullah of Los Angeles, CA was the lucky winner of "Win Dinner with Charlotte Martin" auction. The winning bid of $1000 benefits the Charleston Transitional Facility. Abraham was kind enough to share his experience with his fellow Char fans. Thank you, Abraham! Darkest-limits.com is pleased to bring you his dinner with Charlotte Martin.

"I had dinner with Charlotte Martin for making a donation to the Charleston Transitional Facility (CTF). We met at Blair’s restaurant in Los Angeles, CA. It’s a classy place that serves gourmet food in a cozy environment. The place was dark but lit by candles. The waiters were professional and funny. I arrived first. Charlotte showed up about ten minutes later. She entered the restaurant with her arms open and gave me a hug. She said she thought it was me that won the contest. Her assistant, Kat Sambor, showed up a few minutes later. Charlotte let me invite one other guest, so I picked Jaime since she introduced me to Charlotte five years ago.

Before we arrived, I had flowers delivered for all three ladies. After we sat down, three waiters brought them to our table. I gave Charlotte a bouquet of yellow roses which stand for joy and friendship. I gave Jaime four pink roses. I gave Kat a mixed set of flowers. The picture with Charlotte on the brink of tears is the moment the flowers arrived.

After we settled at our table, we talked about wine. Charlotte said the best wine she ever tasted was an Opus One red wine that cost about $400. We had our waiter pick a red wine for us. He selected one called Fisticuffs which I thought was a strange name for a wine. He allowed us to taste it before committing to buying the bottle. We were all impressed by his selection.

Charlotte kept insisting that I “ask her anything.” However, I only had questions about her music. The Dance is one of my favorite songs, so I asked her what inspired her to write it. She said it was based on a book called Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Kidd. It’s about Sue’s spiritual departure from her Baptist Church. I plan on reading it soon.

I told Charlotte how much I loved her album Reproductions. I asked her how the underwater theme relates to the album. She said the water represents the womb. Charlotte told us the Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town video is one of her favorites. It was filmed in a pool. Jaime and Charlotte discussed one scene in the video in which a lion and a zebra are running after a baby zebra. The mother is trying to protect her offspring, but the lion kills it. Jaime said that scene saddens her.

Charlotte talked to us about her son. She mentioned a nanny that she hired to watch Ronen. It turns out that the woman was a former drug user and had other issues, so Charlotte fired her on her first day of work. She joked and laughed about it. Charlotte also showed us a cute picture of Ronen. He was sitting in a box with a baby girl a little older than him.

I learned a lot about Charlotte in that two hours we spent together. I never spoke to her that long. Usually, I chat with her for five minutes after a concert since other people are waiting. I playfully deified her for years, but I learned how human and down to earth she is. She has the cutest snort when she laughs sometimes. At one of her concerts, she said people called her “Chatty Cathy”. I know why now. She took over a lot of our conversations and started new ones. That took pressure off me, so I was glad she spoke a lot.

At the end of the dinner, Charlotte thanked me for making the donation to the Charleston Transitional Facility (CTF). They are an organization that helps people with mental disabilities. Before the dinner, Charlotte’s mother called me and thanked me for my donation and explained that a lot of their state funding had been cut. Charlotte told me her mother was a musician, but went to work for CTF. I see where Charlotte gets her compassion from. I had a wonderful time. I look forward to seeing her and other fans on the next tour."

Dinner with Charlotte Martin to benefit Charleston Transitional Facility -Los Angeles, CA - 6/15/09
photos by Abraham Abdullah

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