Charlotte Martin Fan Chatroom

Welcome to the Charlotte Martin fan chat room! This is a place where scheduled chats will be held to discuss Charlotte Martin and her music, as well as various topics of interest (Music, Movies, Books, Politics, Food, Entertainment, etc) to savvy and chatty Char Mar fans. It's another place for Char fans to connect with each other.

The only rule is to be considerate to your fellow Char Mar fans and have a good time. To suggest a topic, you can send me a tweet at @darkestlimits or a comment at darkest-limits on facebook...or you can drop me an email at jules[at]darkest-limits[dot]com. Chats will be announced via facebook, twitter, Charlotte's Main Board and right on this page, so be sure to check in. If enough people show up, we can have regular chat day(s) and time(s). If you'd like to chat and the chat room is 'offline', please contact me and I can turn it on. I hope you join in. :) Thanks and have fun!

Next scheduled chat: Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9PM -11PM ET