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Charlotte Martin + her fans = Connection

Char fans unite! :) This section of darkest-limits.com is where you get to express yourself, shine and show your support and love for Charlotte. Please feel free to send me your thoughts, creative writings, show reviews, tour memories, setlists, and photos to me at jules[at]darkest-limits[dot]com. Help promote Charlotte and her music by doing the following:

1. Be a part of Something Like a Fan Club, Charlotte Martin's official fan club. There are 2 levels to choose from: Crazies and Casuals. Depending on which package you purchase, you will receive unreleased B-sides and works in progress, HD video, a t-shirt (American Apparel!), a physical copy of 'Dancing on Needles' CD. Something Like a Fan Club...check it out and count yourself amongst the legions. Here, listen to Charlotte tell you about it...

2. See Charlotte shows! An artist that performs with passion, emotion, intensity, wit, humor, intelligence...Charlotte shows are not to be missed. And you get to meet other cool Char fans to boot. :) Charlotte Martin shows are good for your soul. :)

3. After you've checked out The Official Charlotte Martin Web Site, join the Char family and play with other fans at The Charlotte Martin Messageboard. Also check out the "links" for other places to connect to Charlotte and her fans.

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The Fans of Charlotte Martin

"I already know I have the best fans in the whole world. You are seriously amazing."
- Charlotte Martin (December 2006)

"I really feel as though there is a family out there waiting for me and I am coming home when I see everyone. I'm addicted to it...there would be no music without you. Thank you for supporting me all these years. I am so grateful."
- Charlotte Martin (January 2008)

Thanks to all the fans that contributed a photo! :) Do you have a photo of you and Charlotte? We want you in this slideshow! Send your 'you & Charlotte' photo to me: jules[at]darkest-limits.com. Photos will continue to be added, so feel free to send me your fan pic. More fan goodies, slideshows, and opportunities to let your art shine to come. This part of the site will continue to grow with your help and artistic contributions. :) Stay tuned!

updated as of 3/3/08

Charlotte Martin Fan Art

-maybe it's a photo of you with your favorite char cd...
-maybe its a live/concert photo of char you took at a show...
-maybe it's a painting or drawing by you inspired by charlotte or one of her songs or her music in general...
-maybe its a favorite photo or your photography that is inspired by charlotte and her music...
-maybe it's a verse, a thought, a poem or some writing of yours...

whatever way you choose to be creative...however charlotte and her music inspire you...take a photo of it and send it to me (jules[at]darkest-limits.com) for the Charlotte Martin Fan Art Slideshow on darkest-limits.com. Thank you to those that have contributed their creativity in the name of Char Mar! :) More to come with your contributions.

updated as of 3/3/08

Please click on the section titles to link to photos and goodies. :)

Fan Submissions - Photos from Char Fans
Charlotte Martin fans are like no other fans. Dedicated, creative, unique, loyal, devoted, very nice, very cool with great taste in music. :) All a reflection of Charlotte herself and a wonderful complement to her music. Here are the ears (connected to the lovely faces!) that listen intently, intensely and just plain ol' 'get it'...Char fans. You'll also find pics taken by Char fans from shows and such. Thank you to any and all who have added to this fan page. Send me your pics and I'll put'em right here. jules@darkest-limits.com Thanks!:) [UPDATED 1/29/06]