February Tour 2007 (supporting Aqualung)

February 11, 2007 - WOW Hall - Eugene, OR

Set List:

four walls (album version)
the dance
darkest hour (solo)
beautiful life (solo)
bizarre love triangle (new order cover)
cut the cord
keep me in your pocket

Charlotte Martin - WOW Hall - Eugene, OR - 2/11/07
review by jules

hello from eugene, or! charlotte played WOW Hall here in eugene, or tonite and it was a reeeeaallllly good show. she opened for aqualung and played 9 songs and the crowd was reallly taken with char. there was definitely more people this second time around in eugene (char played here in dec 05) and there were lots of new fans made tonite. lots of support and char even said it was the best show of this tour...

i was talking with a few of the fans on line early and they were there to see aqualung but left reallllly loving char's performance. i ended up giving out lots of postcards, buttons and door hangers that i brought with me to very receptive peeps. eugene was definitely open to char...and she didnt disappoint.

i forgot how amazing four walls album version is....starting off the set, it's really powerful and energetic and the crowd seemed to love it. and fern playing the drums on it?! wow. awesome. char had 3 keyboards with her but the 'main' piano was a more classic looking black electric keyboard...not the yamaha s90 she played during stromata tour. it was very sleek looking. she still had the virus and korg, by the looks of it. and char looked lovely with a black tank and a shimmery printed skirt with her kick butt black boots. but back to the music. lots of the folks around me seeing char for the first time noted how awesome char's voice is. she showed that in each song. the solo section (with a very intense and powerful darkest hour and a very emotional beautiful life was gorgeous. then she played 'bizzare love triangle' a new order cover. eeee. when i first heard she had played it, i was floored. love new order and i love that song. it's classic. and char played it tonite...it was unbelievable. its like...you dont think there's anyone that can do that new order song b/c its so identifiable but she did...slowed it down and lots of beats with fern playing as well. it was beautiful. she did an amazing cover. then she asked if she could kick our asses..and she played cut the cord. and she ended her set with keep in your pocket which was a really a crowd pleaser as everyone clapped in unison. very cool! lots of loud applause and exclaimation of how awesome char's voice is.

lots of new fans at the merch/meet greet...it was great to see and talk to others that were discovering char. yay. i took a few pics that i will post here in a few minutes. always worth it to see char! it was wonderful to see her again (as well as fern, mitch and erin!) and to hear that the tour is going well.

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Charlotte Martin - WOW Hall - Eugene, OR - 2/11/07
photos by jules
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Charlotte Martin - WOW Hall - Eugene, OR - 2/11/07
'Bizarre Love Triangle' clip by jules