February Tour 2007 (supporting Pete Yorn & Aqualung)

February 9, 2007 - Roseland - Portland, OR

Set List:

chasing a shadow
the dance
habit - solo
pills - solo
cut the cord

Charlotte Martin - Roseland - Portland, OR - 2/9/07
review by Taylor and Zane :)

Why would two people fly 1335 miles just for a concert? Well, if Charlotte Martin is playing, there’s your reason. Roseland Theater was a cool venue because it had a balcony for seating and the whole bottom floor was open for standing. Of course we would get the perfect spot at the edge of the stage right in front of her keyboards. Fernando was set up a little downstage. After two hours of waiting for the perfect spot, Charlotte came out at nine o’clock . Her music was as powerful as ever. Fernando really enhances the intensity of the show with his amazing talent. The audience became really emotional during the solo section. Some people cried during Habit, and I don’t think we’ve ever laughed so hard during Pills. Like most of Char’s shows it seemed to go by too fast. Stromata and Cut the Cord ended the concert leaving the audience awestruck. We cant wait until her next tour (even though this one’s just started). Hopefully the next one will be closer to home, not that anything could keep us from going to see her.

Charlotte Martin - Roseland - Portland, OR - 2/9/07
photos by Taylor F.
(thank you for the great photos, Taylor!)
[added on 2/19/07]