hiding places - tour 2012

April 1, 2012 - The Bootleg Theater - Los Angeles, CA

review by jules h. for darkest-limits.com

Charlotte Martin was admittedly 'nervous' for her show at the Bootleg Theater on Sunday, 4/1/12. She told the audience this right off the bat...but she sounded amazing. Her voice stronger than ever. Her first song, 'Is This Called Desire,' set the tone for the evening perfectly...her voice soared when it needed to, and there was an intensity to the quiet parts...like she was ready to explode at any moment. The energy was there big time...in the quiet moments and the virus-moments. :) She had her virus with her which i always love because it just accents and fills in where it needs to. I love the synthy, produced, plugged in stuff, but it's a treat to hear her on solo piano/keyboard. The first part of the show, was just that. I loved 'Starlight' with the virus. She'd only previously played it acoustic but the kind of song 'Starlight' is, the virus just made it better. Then she did 'Sweet Things' which is rarely done and it sounded amazing. Her voice! Ah. A great choice to have it intro 'Steel.' Char had teased that she was listening to swedish electro-pop artist, Robyn and was rehearsing one of her songs. I love Robyn! Char covered Robyn's 'Hang with Me'...and it sounded like Char wrote that song herself. I loved it. Stripped of the electro, the song sounded soulful and even more earnest coming from Char. I was thrilled (note the 'wow' at the end of my video of it...sorry. lol). As an intro to, 'Stromata'? Perfection. Talk about relationship therapy! Ha! Listen to the lyrics of both songs and tell me it's not perfect. Another highlight for me was 'Warrior'...this song hurts as much as the pain that inspired it. I love it and am so glad it is on 'Hiding Places' CD. The last part of the show had Charlotte accompanied by her long time drummer, Fernando Sanchez. Charlotte's music sounds sooo good with drums. To finally hear 'Dancing on Needles', 'Mission Control' and 'Language of God' with live drums was incredible. There's a driving energy to the songs that Charlotte replicates with great energy accompanied by Fern. 'Mission Control' with virus and drums? Amazing. 'Language of God'...meant to be performed with drums and it was positively epic. And just when it couldn't get epic enough? Charlotte closed her show with 'Something Like a Hero' with TWO drummers and a massive drum solo at the end. I couldn't even record it because I was enthralled watching and hearing (but I'm so glad others got that whole thing on video! :)). Charlotte Martin definitely overwhelmed the Bootleg Theater sound system...she sounded larger than life, her voice so strong as she sang over live drums. This was one of the best LA shows from her. Maybe the best. Brava, Char Mar and crew for a fantastic show!

Charlotte's music brings people together. Tonight, it was a celebration of the release of her new DVD/CD 'Hiding Places' (which having watched and listened, is a piece of perfection!).There were new fans, seeing her live for the first time. There were old fans that have been seeing her for 10 years. There were people that were local as well as people that flew in from around the country to see her perform and support her. All converge and mingle and connect via Charlotte, her soul-stirring music, her genuine warmth and engaging spirit. She hugged every neck until the last fan left and the venue closed...around 1:15AM. It is always worth it to see Charlotte for all the above reasons. She is an artist that is a pleasure to support. Judging by the enthusiasm and smiling faces after this show, I know I'm not alone in that feeling. Below is a complete multi-media recap of the show! Setlist, photos, audio, video of the show. Thanks to all who documented this awesome evening of Char...thanks to the fans for always showing up and supporting Char. Thanks to Charlotte for putting on an outstanding show! :)

Set List:

is this called desire
sweet things ->
hang with me (robyn cover!) ->
the stalker song
the dance*
dancing on needles*
mission control*
language of god*
something like a hero*#

encore: wild horses

* with fernando sanchez on drums
*# with fernando sanchez on drums, marco menghin on percussion

*read the reviews from fellow fans and see their photos on the charlotte martin main messageboard | charlotte martin, bootleg theater | los angeles | 4/1/12 and join the discussion!

*AUDIO of this show by jon k. click to download.

*'Hiding Places' DVD/CD is on sale now and available in Charlotte Martin Official Store and CD Baby. 'Hiding Places' CD is available for digital purchase at iTunes, Amazon MP3 and most digital retailers.

Charlotte Martin - The Bootleg Theater - Los Angeles - 4/1/12
photos by Jessica DePaiva
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click here for more of Jessica's Char pics from the evening!
thanks for sharing your pics and videos, jessica! :)

Charlotte Martin - The Bootleg Theater - Los Angeles - 4/1/12
photos by Holly J
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Holly: "I'm a new CharMar fan and am watching this musical journey unfold, anxiously waiting to see where it leads."
thanks to Holly for sharing!

Charlotte Martin - The Bootleg Theater - Los Angeles - 4/1/12
photos by jules h. for darkest-limits.com
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Charlotte Martin - The Bootleg Theater - Los Angeles - 4/1/12
photo by Sarah M. for darkest-limits.com
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Live Tour Videos by jules for darkest-limits.com

'sweet things' into 'steel'

'hang with me' (robyn cover) into 'stromata'

'dancing on needles'

'mission control'

'language of god'

Live Tour Videos by Jessica DePaiva

'sweet things' and 'steel'



'dancing on needles'

'language of god'

'something like a hero' (with drum solo)

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