charlotte martin - 2012

August 25, 2012 - The Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles, CA

review by jules h. for

I love the moment when Charlotte Martin comes out, hits the stage, to play a show. Beforehand, there's the crowd buzzing about, chatting. Then, the moment Charlotte approaches the stage, there's a great energy...the 'woo-hoo!' start and then a hush. I've seen artists go on stage and there's nothing until the artist starts playing. The fact that Charlotte's fans just cheer her on as she approaches the stage...that's a testament to Charlotte, her music and the music fans that she brings together. She inspires fans to travel near and far to see her and the energy that she harvests for a show is palpable in that hour, hour and half where she pours out some serious emotion and we all get it. There were fans that were hearing Charlotte for the first time at this show...which is awesome. Lucky them, they get to experience the power of Char. It's pretty potent and will leave you coming back for more. It's why fans travel for Charlotte and start lining up hours in advance.

Charlotte sounded great, more powerful as the songs went on. She started with 'Under the Gravel Skies', a favorite of anyone that loves that low-end darkness that Charlotte delves into so well. It is definitely one of my favorite songs off 'Veins.' It was a good mix of songs from all her albums. 'Mission Control' is a favorite off her latest release, 'Hiding Places.' Intimate and powerful all stripped of the production. Between songs, Char spoke about being a mommy the challenges and joys of raising two cuties and trying to be a musician. 'Galaxies', which she wrote while pregnant with her son, was beautiful and soaring. She brought it back down with 'Stromata,' the virus accenting the darkness perfectly. Then we go up with a song she hasn't played in forever (she said 10 years), 'Just Like Heaven' a cover by The Cure. Loved hearing it! Next was 'Your Armor', and I cannot remember the last time I heard that. It was as beautiful as ever...and shows just how far Charlotte has come. When she plays 'The Stalker Song' (aka 'I'm Normal, Please Date Me'), I always hear some new detail about Charlotte's stalker past which is always fun. :) Charlotte then turns a bit serious and dedicates 'Fearfully and Wonderfully Made' (a new song) to her homosexual friends and fans who have been judged and discriminated against and how that discrimination is 'not cool with God.' It was a beautiful moment. 'Life Vest' has become a favorite of mine because it hits pretty deep. It's amazing how Charlotte creates music that is so cathartic for so many. For the final encore, Charlotte performed a cover of Muse's 'Starlight.' Loved it. I felt like it ended the show perfectly...if you listen to the lyrics, it's such a love note to the fans, maybe even about her and her fans. Maybe I'm reading into it (I love dissecting lyrics!!) but Charlotte has been away for a bit, playing a few shows a year. 'Real life' takes over. The song sounds like a promise to the fans, 'but I'll never let you go, if you promise not to fade away.' When you see a Charlotte Martin show, one show, a few shows, a lot of can't get enough of the intensity, energy, connection of Charlotte and her fans. I'm promising right now, I'm not going anywhere when it comes being a Char Mar fan and I think others feel the same way. You end the show with this great feeling and then you see familiar faces, friends, and you meet new fans hearing Char for the first time. It's a beautiful experience, being at a Char show. This fan is not fading away! :)

Set List:

under the gravel skies
mission control
dancing on needles
just like heaven (the cure cover)
your armor
the stalker song
fearfully and wonderfully made
life vest
the dance

wild horses (rolling stones cover)
starlight (muse cover)

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Charlotte Martin - The Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles, CA - 8/25/12
photos by jules h. for
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'starlight' (muse cover)

'life vest'

'dancing on needles'

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'your armor'

'just like heaven' (the cure cover)

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