March/April Tour 2007 (supporting Veruca Salt)

April 3, 2007 - The Walnut Room - Denver, CO

Set List:

the dance
cut the cord
chasing a shadow
bizarre love triangle (new order cover)
limits of our love (w/ running up that hill outro)
four walls (veins ep version)
the girl i left behind

Charlotte Martin - The Walnut Room - Denver, CO - 4/3/07
review by jules

hi all! just got back from the Walnut Room in lovely Denver, CO. it was my first time actually IN denver and i have to say, the rockies are breath-taking. and so was char at the walnut room this evening. the high altitude didnt stop char from reaching and hitting the high notes and sustaining notes that no other singer i know could sustain. it was a great show! char was the second opener, playing 10 songs this evening.

the show was great. even before the show, there were predominantly peeps on line to see char. which was great to see. char sounded great, and it was nice and loud up there. even when her in-ears conked out, she with fern connected to compensate for the loss of the in-ear. char is a trooper! so much energy...favorite part was the 'middle' where she played shadow-bizarre love triangle (eee!! its even better than before and i thought it was pretty great before)-limits w/ running up that hill and then four walls (veins version). just high energy, the young ladies that were there to see veruca were turned into char fans. lots of 'wow!' bizarre love triangle...soo amazing with a fuller drum sound and char doign her own backup vocal (does that make sense? lol). and 'girl i left behind' was a nice surprise, love that last solo virus part. so did the crowd. it was so great to see char again, just singing her heart out and charming the crowd. it was nice to meet so many denver fans. thanks to converted char fans amanda and jennifer, and chrysta and her friend corey for the ride!

it was so worth it to come out here and see char. i missed it, her show and the crowd reacting to char, people just excited to hear her. yay. its not over ...but this was definitely great!

i took some pics and a couple of vids (which i will put up when i get home and have proper internet connection!) of this show. so worth see char do her thing. thanks for reading! more soon!

Charlotte Martin - The Walnut Room - Denver, CO - 4/3/07
photos by jules
[added on 4/15/07]