March/April Tour 2007 (supporting Veruca Salt)

April 4, 2007 - The District - Albuquerque, NM

Set List:

cut the cord
the dance
keep me in your pocket (w/ jam)
something like a hero (w/ drums)
four walls (veins ep version)
limits of our love (w/ running up that hill outro)
wild horses

Charlotte Martin - The District - Albuquerque, NM - 4/4/07
review by jules ..on route 66 :)

hi all. well, i decided to do albuquerque, nm as well. it was an hour flight so that was no biggie (neither was the plane...gack). but why not one more show? and i'd never been to New Mexico so that made the decision easy. char played The District Bar & Grill, it was a nice place. and it was the debut of their outdoor patio but char played inside (thank goodness, i think). she had a nice little crowd and a really good set. i couldnt judge the crowd right b/c they moved around. there was a good crowd watching her. but some would come in from the patio and stand there and then maybe walk past the stage to the bar. so. strange set up but still a realllly cool show! the set was pretty great i think (hello albuquerque, lucky you).

'pocket w/ jam' was great. good to hear that again, i dont think it was on any of the set this tour. and people clapped along which is always fun. and then something like a hero was awesome, esp with the drumming by fern at the end. four walls veins ep version sounds amazing...even more so. there's something different about it, more drums i think. and limits is my fave! great kate bush outro...yay. and wild horses was beautiful to hear...she always just blows my mind with that accapella part.

char sounded great and she worked it. the lighting wasnt great so i barely took any photos. will share what i have when i get home (after i work on them a bit, eek, dark). im glad i was there to see a kind of random, out of the way show. i loved being there, watching some favorites get played and seeing char shine.

that's all for now. thanks to fern, erin, and of course charlotte for being out there and giving everyone a chance to see her. ive got a super ungodly early flight to catch so...until next tour, keep the char mar love and support going!

Charlotte Martin - The District - Albuquerque, NM - 4/4/07
photos by jules
[added on 4/19/07]