March/April Tour 2007 (supporting Veruca Salt)

April 7, 2007 - Brick by Brick - San Diego, CA

Set List:

the dance
cut the cord
little universe
all is full of live (intro, bjork cover)->
limits of our love ->
running up that hill (outro, kate bush cover)
keep me in your pocket (w/ jam)
four walls (veins ep version)

Charlotte Martin - Brick by Brick - San Diego, CA - 4/7/07

By Brandon Hernández

Setlist: The Dance, Cut The Cord, Little Universe, Civilized, All Is Full Of Love * / Limits Of Our Love / Running Up That Hill **, Veins, Keep Me In Your Pocket, Four Walls, Stromata

* - Bjork cover, ** - Kate Bush cover

SAN DIEGO – Standing front row center in a dark, crowded and downright campy warehouse-esque room, an uninformed spectator might have wondered to themselves how a songstress known for sweet, vibrant vocals and intricate, masterful keyboard arrangements fit onto a bill teeming with power chord-spewing hard rock bands high on noise and not much else. However, an assembly of fans in the know who bellied up to the stage at Brick By Brick in San Diego on Saturday, April 7th knew that the artist they had come to see possesses talent and musicianship so unique and altogether magnificent that, regardless of what acts precede or follow her, she always manages to not only fit in, but shine brightly. And that was just what Charlotte Martin did during the closing show of a western states tour in support of alternative rockers Veruca Salt.

The night began as do many, with waves and grins from Charlotte to her devoted fans and a stirring number; in this case “The Dance.” Simple melodic passages matched with soaring choruses and an outro of gospel-gusto amens set the tone for what lay ahead – a set filled with the very best Martin’s most recent release “Stromata” has to offer. A departure from her first full-length EP (“On Your Shore”), but the perfect next chapter in her four-year musical progression, “Stromata” mixes Martin’s trademark vocal stylings and poignant lyrics with electronica, effects and mesmerizing drum beats, the latter of which were provided by Fernando Sanchez on stage.

“Cut The Cord,” oddly and contagiously peppy for a self-proclaimed “same, sad love song” was next in the order, as was an unplanned stop in the action which came via a false start on “Little Universe.” In a characteristically naked moment for Martin, she admitted to losing count to the song’s intro beat and took it as a sign to say hello to the crowd. During her welcome, Louise Post and Nicole Fiorentino from Veruca Salt came on-stage to present Martin and Fernando with flowers as a thank-you for their on-tour efforts. Visibly moved, Martin took a moment to place the flowers atop her pair of keyboards. From the sounds of the music that followed, the bequeathed flora served as inspiration for the songstress, who flawlessly churned out the rest of her set, hitting every jilting high and sultry low with spot-on precision. “Little Universe” glimmered in its entirety and was followed up by another new track, “Civilized,” which began with a vicious, “I’ve got quite a mouthful going and maybe I should spit it in your face,” and never let up in its fork-tongued plea for upstanding, grown-up behavior.

Taking a break from “Stromata” tracks, Martin reached back in her repertoire and took hold of “Limits Of Our Love” as well as two buffering covers. The medley began with Bjork’s “All Is Full Of Love” and ended with Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” a regular set list interjection for Martin brought about in a rare manner. Angelic vocals enveloped the room throughout the triple play and reached unmatched highs during the next song, “Veins,” which featured a held endnote that seemed to go on forever and brought about a rousing ovation from long-time fans and first-timers alike.

From there, Martin returned to her recent material while taking care of unfinished business by playing “Keep Me In Your Pocket,” her current single and a request from the previous night’s show at The Roxy in Los Angeles. Feeling dissatisfied with the sound quality from her monitors in L.A., she had opted to close with “Haunted,” but made the adjustments necessary to fulfill the request in San Diego with a little help from her friends. The crowd kept her on pace by clapping for the duration of the song, even through an extended instrumental extension at the end that showed off Martin’s non-vocal strengths.

“Four Walls” (the version from Martin’s 2005 album, “Veins”) came next along with a thank-you from the artist to the audience, who seemed equally thankful for the stunning performance they had been party to. Martin closed out the evening and the tour with the title track from “Stromata,” pouring her everything into it just as she had every song that came before. For faithful Char fans, it was another great night. For newcomers, it was the stuff converts are made of. For everybody at Brick By Brick who witnessed the majesty and the spectacle that is Charlotte Martin and her signature sound, it was sheer perfection and surely a memory to be cherished.

Charlotte Martin - Brick by Brick - San Diego, CA - 4/7/07
review by jules

hi all! well. this was not planned. at. all.

greetings from san diego, ca!

last show of the veruca tour with charlotte. char played brick by brick in san diego and it was a pretty large room. the room was kinda loud but it was cool. i love that every show is not exactly the same when it comes to char. even if she’s opening, she mixes it up. it makes the trips that much more worth it because you never may get some new version of a favorite or just be thrilled to hear something you hadnt heard in a while.

little universe is one of my favorite tracks off glad i got to hear it once on this tour. i missed it. yay video coming soon. then...ahh. i was a bit in happy shock because she did all is full of love -> limits-> running up that hill...omg. so. amazing. i love limits and i love hearing all the versions she does all at once!! that was the highlight of the evening for me i think. pocket with the jam is awesome. i love the clapping. i love the song and i adore the jam at the end. and four walls (veins ep version) is again...a huge favorite because fern on those drums just adds to the excitement of the song. it was a really really good show. and i got to meet some san diego fans, peeps i recognize from my char myspace page and it was great to hang out with them. hi to sam, samantha and jim!

char definitely got some new fans as an opener with this tour and that’s great! but she’ll always be a headliner to me even if she opens, lol. thank you to erin, and fern (ferntastic!! thank you!) for keeping the beat and for being a sweetheart. and of course, charlotte for being out there and spreading her music. preaching to the choir here, but...she’s THE BEST (understatement!). i cannot wait to tour again!!

Charlotte Martin - Brick by Brick - San Diego, CA - 4/7/07
photos by jules
[added on 4/19/07]