The Never Say Never Tour - Fall 2007 [Charlotte Martin/Ken Andrews w/ First Wave Hello]

September 29, 2007 - Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville, FL

Set List:

limits of our love
cut the cord
chasing a shadow
under the gravel skies
song to the siren
cherry coloured funk
obstacle 1 (with jacob from first wave hello)
i am stretched on your grave
keep me in your pocket

'civilized' with ken and first wave hello
encore: 'the nurse who loved me' with ken andrews

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Charlotte Martin - Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville, FL - 9/29/07
review by jules

hello from jacksonville!

and the never say never tour continues with a stop in jacksonville, fl. the club was a bit divey but that made it lots of fun. it was a open space and a bar when you walk in. but this was one of the most fun shows i've been to...i think because of the setting. so out of the way! so my friends (noah, berry, and chrissie) and i just let loose and had fun. that's what you do at a char show no matter where you are. we got loud! :)

limits was a dance party. obstacle 1 kicked butt. and charlotte debuted cherry coloured funk for the first time on the tour! she reached for the rafters and it was beautiful. it was a fabulous show and it was great to see randy and heidi making the trip from iowa! and judi whom i had met about 2 years ago at the last jacksonville show was there. it was a blast of a show!

Charlotte Martin - Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville, FL - 9/29/07
photos by jules

Charlotte Martin - Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville, FL - 9/29/07
videos by jules

'Civilized' (with Ken Andrews and First Wave Hello)