Something Like a DVD Release Show - May 1st 2007

May 1, 2007 - Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles, CA

Set List:

under the gravel skies
so schizo
up all night
keep me in your pocket (with end jam! ahhh)
lost and found
four walls (funeral/veins versionl)
weird goodbye
beautiful life

Charlotte Martin - Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles, CA - 5/1/07
review by jules

hi all!

coming to you from hollywood ca, where charlotte played an AMAZING SOLO show tonight at the Hotel Cafe to celebrate the release of 'Something Like a DVD!' los angeles, ca is charlotte's home and it was nice to see some of her LA peeps there to support and to see a crowd there to support char. char popped on stage in a fun 'party' dress and her jeans and boots. the dress had a kind of floral design on the top, kinda tank, top. and the bottom part floofed out in black and white stripes with red rose pattern along the hem. it was wild! charlotte, on her piano and virus, played a great mix of old and new stuff from the something like a b-side that comes with the dvd.eee

char played this show solo. just her and her keyboard and virus. it was pretty amazing. familiar and yet new since the last time i saw her (and probably anyone of us saw her) was with a drummer (fernando! he was there in the audience with his girlfriend ). great mix of songs...gravel skies was great to start. and char played some songs from the new b-side. all of them were wonderful live! up all night was heartbreakingly beautiful. and then char played keep me in your pocket and did that jam at the end all by herself. she tore it up! awesome. lost and found was awesome. love this song since i heard it on her myspace, and it was pretty great live, just her voice and piano skills. another highlight was revival. i remember hearing it at V-day. i remember it being really powerful, to the point where the Hammerstein Ballroom crowd were on their feet. it seemed even more powerful in the smaller Hotel Cafe this evening. the last verses were AMAZING. char was all power. it was good to hear weird goodbye! love the song and char said she was working on the third album and that this would make it on there. and ending the set with beautiful life was perfect.

it was a really special show mixing the new with the old and such a great preview of what we could see if/when char tours again with the new tunes. we're in for a treat! prepare to be blown away. there were lots of folks to give char props. and it was good to see/chat with jon, briel, cristina, samantha and jim all from LA. and nice to meet tyson who is on my char myspace page. fun to talk to peeps on the line while you wait to get in. and great to see joe from chicago and larry from omaha again! it was a great evening. very special. and this DVD while a long time coming...looks BEAUTIFUL. i am listening to the bsides now. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. each song. i dont think im getting to sleep tonight. im on a high from a great char show and listening to this new music.

thanks to everyone that i talked to and shared the show with. thanks to erin, lisa, mr. ken andrews, and of course char for just blowing me away tonight...and for sharing herself with everyone through her music and this dvd. so worth it every time.

Charlotte Martin - Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles, CA - 5/1/07
photos by jules

Charlotte Martin - Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles, CA - 5/1/07
"Lost and Found"

video by jules