Something Like A DVD - Review & Screen Captures

Charlotte Martin: Something Like A DVD - '...Gotta Make It Last'
Review by Jules
February 24, 2006

A LIVE Charlotte Martin show is something to be experienced. Char shows are powerful, energetic, emotional and totally fun all rolled into one evening of great music. You're mesmerized by what you are seeing and hearing...and you cannot help but want to be at every show you can possibly attend. :) I had never heard of Charlotte until I saw her live and seeing her live completely hooked me. Something Like A DVD, taped on the 17th of November 2005, is Charlotte Martin's first DVD show...Charlotte LIVE! This DVD is something every fan (of Charlotte and of music in general!) should have in their collection. She will hook you in with her music, her personality, her warmth, her dedication to the music and to her fans. So everyone there knows this and is not afraid to just share in that love and dedication. It's a great evening of Charlotte and her fans just connecting. The presentation is gorgeous; a super-glossy cover with some gorgeous photos by photographer, erin russell. It's sleek! The menu is cool with chapter selections set to some extremely cool loops...hello drumbeat. :D I love that. But let's get to the meat of the matter...the performance and all the extra content! It's a perfect capture of what it's like being at a Char show. The fans just mingling and having fun outside before the show starts. Meeting new people and connecting with old friends. Lots of love and once you get in, you see and hear the artist for whom all this love emanates. I don't want to give every thing away but suffice to say it's quite an emotional entrance. The energy in that room from the audience, all the fans, was overwhelming and soooo very cool and amazing. Lots of love, personified. She starts off with 'Veins' and it's just powerful. It kind of set the tone for the evening; lots of emotion, lots of power, lots of fun. Charlotte has never sounded stronger. She had that whole audience transfixed. I love how it's not just a straight performance! There's so much behind the scenes footage interpersed between the songs. There's footage of Charlotte in the van, ready to 'go' (figuratively, literally...all of that lol), there's footage of her getting advice from the guru (lol!), there's lots of footage and photos of the 'On Your Shore' recording sessions, footage of her playing a song that's never been heard ('Lost In Space'). There's some awesome fan fun, moving, genuine and filled with lots of Char love. Everyone is just adorable. :) So many photos from tour, from photo sessions, from Charlotte's life. There's an extremely moving song called 'Step Back' that is played over a photo slideshow that will bring tears to your eyes. It's Char's life and she shares it with us. And it's a beautiful life. :)

Thanks to the fans who go to every show they possibly can and support Char so adorably, vehemently, intelligently, genuinely and loyally. Thanks to Erin Russell, Lisa Lombardo, Ken Andrews, Mitch Lerner and everyone on Charlotte's team involved in the making of the DVD; for all the hard work they put into the tour and the making of this DVD. And last but not least (yet surely the standout of this sentence lol,), thank you big time to Charlotte for this DVD, for such an amazing performance and for being the reason for all this love and connection.

'And it goes so fast, got to make it last' goes the chorus of the song 'Step Back'...with this DVD, Charlotte makes the experience of her live show, her music, the tours/shows and all the love, the intensity, the fun, the energy and the connection between everyone, last.

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Track List for the DVD:

On Your Shore
Girl I Left Behind
Up All Night
(Lost In Space - unreleased)
Every Time It Rains
Darkest Hour
Running Up That Hill (intro) -> Limits of Our Love
Under the Gravel Skies
Four Walls
(Step Back - unreleased - set to photos)
Something Like A Hero

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