Stromata Tour - Fall 2006

November 4, 2006 - Redstone Room - Davenport, IA

Set List:

little universe
cut the cord
monster (with drums)
limits of our love (w/ all is full of love outro)

---solo section---
weird goodbye
cardboard ladders
step back

drummer returns---
crimson sky
something like a hero

Charlotte Martin - Redstone Room, Davenport IA - 11/4/06
review by jules

hello from quad city airport in moline, il...just across the mississippi from davenport, ia. (had no idea of this before yesterday, lol). charlotte played at the Redstone Room last nite in davenport and what an intense and amazing show it was. never been to davenport and this is the first time charlotte has played/headlined here so...had to go. The Redstone Room is a BEAUTIFUL venue. very classy and just upstairs from a cool rock museum...the museum is actually all around but the Redstone Room is gated off to the side and it’s reallllly nice in there. great sound and lights. candlelit tables...just a cool place to see a show. and char was here to rock out...and she did. she was dressed in black with her killer heeled boots on. and she had her hair down. it was an intense show and she was so happy to see alllll the people that turned out for the show. it was a big room and everyone had a table, or stood near the was pretty darn full. a great turn out.

it was an AWESOME setlist. the tour is nearing it’s end and char choose to pull out some songs that were not played on the tour thus far. her solo part was stirring. she sang the heck outta ‘weird goodbye’ and it sounded amazing. cardboard ladders was beautiful (‘remember that i love you...’) and then ‘step back’ ahhhhh. it was appropriate and perfect. judas was WOW with the drums and hero...just a great, fiery show. lots of new fans tonite and that’s a great thing. if char plays here again, at the Redstone Room, i would strongly suggest making the trip. the venue is beautiful...mitch equated with ‘world cafe live’ in philly which is another great venue.

it was sooo great to see randy and heidi again...just great promotion work in Iowa! it was wonderful to share these shows with them. and chrissie, great to see you again and meet gene. aww. brittany and friends! yay. and it was nice to meet santo who i believe is the talent booker/buyer of the redstone room. thank you!

char and this tour. just amazing. it’s always worth it to travel (if you can) and see char in all these unique venues. the tone is always a bit different but in a great way. but the constant is always char and the power, dedication and mind-blowing talent she brings out every time. this is the best tour yet. i know she will out do it every time...but for now...this is THE BEST! thank you char, fern, erin, mitch and everyone involved in bringing stromata to life and on tour. and thanks to everyone that i met, chatted with and hung out with. it’s all apart of the char tour experience. i cannot wait for more.

safe travels to char and the gang. almost home... xxxx

Charlotte Martin - Redstone Room, Davenport IA - 11/4/06
photos by Lon, Director of the River Music Experience/Redstone Room
(thank you for these amazing photos, Lon!)
[added 2/19/07]

Charlotte Martin - Redstone Room, Davenport IA - 11/4/06
photos by jules

Charlotte Martin - Redstone Room - Davenport, IA - 11/4/06
Charlotte performs 'Weird Goodbye'
video submitted by Randy B. for (thanks Randy!)

Charlotte performs 'Limits of Our Love'
video by jules

Charlotte performs 'All Is Full of Love' (Bjork cover & outro to 'Limits of Our Love')
video by jules